Focusing on the well-being of our team

Over the past few years, we have focused on the well-being of all our team. There are several reasons why we think prioritising the health and well-being of the whole team is so important, especially when the team works remotely, and it isn’t always possible to check in with everyone daily. Having a well-being programme […]

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Yvonne’s Story – mental health, challenges, and barriers

Yvonne Rogers is one of our clients. She wanted to share her story and some of the ups and downs that can happen in the life of a brain injury survivor. Elaine Ricketts is her Case Manager and she helped us to write this article and checked with Yvonne that it accurately represented her story. […]

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Life moves on for young people

This article was written by Catherine Watkins, one of our Case Managers. She joined the AKA team in 2023 and has over ten years of experience working with complex acquired brain injury, stroke, and neurodegenerative disease. Catherine wanted to highlight that transitioning from one stage of life to another can be challenging for any young […]

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Update on Broadway Bears

We were delighted to receive an update on how Broadway Bears are getting on from Elaine Ricketts, Case Manager based in West Midlands. Elaines’ grandson is part of the team, and we can see they have all been very busy over the past few months. Broadway Bears have gone from strength to strength,  developing some […]

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February 2024 Newsletter

It’s probably too late to say Happy New Year, but we hope you have had a good start to 2024. We can’t believe it’s already February, but we look forward to Spring and more sunshine. 🌼🌸 Team updates for the start of this year: congratulations to all of you! As part of our ongoing commitment […]

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4-Day Week Pilot, One Year on

In 2022, we participated in the first pilot study run by the 4-Day Week Pilot Research Team. The pilot was extremely successful for us at AKA. So, following positive feedback from the internal staff, clients, and other stakeholders, we decided to make this permanent. We are very pleased to share this new report we received […]

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Transitioning to life at University

On Wednesday, 6 December 2023, the BABICM Conference took place in Birmingham.  The theme was ‘Keep up the Good Work’, and we were delighted that our client, Jaden Payne, and his mother, Suzanne Dottin-Payne, were asked to speak about his life at University.  They were supported by our Case Manager, Catherine Watkins. The Conference aimed […]

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November 2023 Newsletter

We hope you are well and getting used to the autumnal weather. It’s very quickly heading towards Christmas, which can be a fun time for all but also stressful for some. In September, some of our team took part in daily breathwork sessions online for a month; this was a brilliant way of instilling a […]

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Embedding kindness in everything we do

In this month’s article, we spoke to Andrew Rose, Director and co-owner of AKA Case Management. He recently took part in a six-week Kindful Leadership Course, and we were interested in learning more about the course and how it will help him and the company. Can you tell us about your background and current role? […]

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Our Operations & Finance Officer

We have been sharing information about different members of our team at AKA Case Management. In this article, we interview Dominic Hobdell, our Operations and Finance Officer. Dominic is pivotal in supporting everyone to ensure the business runs smoothly. Can you tell us about your background? I moved to Nottingham for an internship in strength […]

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