Our values

Our values run through us like the letters inside a stick of rock – that’s not just our opinion, that’s what our clients, their families and the professionals we work with tell us.

AKA Case Management regularly seeks feedback on the values at the heart of our organisation from our own teams and those outside our organisation. Those values fall into four categories – caring; dependability; challenge and service – which are highlighted below.


AKA cares about everyone that we work with from clients and support workers to therapists and legal professionals. We show that we care by being helpful and delivering everything that we do with passion and compassion. We nurture the development and well-being of all the people and families that we support and those who work with us.


We strive to be dependable in everything that we do. If we have said it, we deliver it! All our actions are completed with integrity and honesty. We are passionate about cooperation and building positive relationships. Our clients’ safety is of utmost importance to us.


At AKA we are known for rising to a challenge! We continually challenge ourselves to improve and challenge our clients to strive for the life they want. We also challenge those who work with us to be the best they can be. We adapt to find unique solutions in every case we undertake. We take seriously our responsibility to provide bespoke support and case management and we understand better than anyone that every human being is unique.


AKA is collaboratively involved in the case of every client, working with legal teams, health and housing professionals and any other teams that need to be involved for our clients to live their lives in the way they wish. We focus on delivering excellent service with professionalism and a duty of care to the needs of the individual. AKA is transparent and authentic about who it is and what it can achieve.