Our History

Considering our founder Angela Kerr’s life experiences, drive, passion and love of people, it was inevitable that AKA Case Management would be born.

In this short interview with Angela, she shares in her own words the events that have shaped the company to date.

How it all began

“Even as a child of six, I was familiar with mood disorders and challenging behaviours. My mother’s friend had a daughter, Janet, who was born with hydrocephalus (water on the brain). This caused her to experience learning difficulties and associated behaviours that were both taxing and difficult.

“I found that I had an uncanny ability to understand Janet and was never fazed by her moods, always finding a way to reach her and calm her down. Janet’s brother would disown her so I would make a conscious effort to play with her for hours whenever they visited.

“Little was I to realise that this would be the start of my epic journey into the world of brain injuries and the business that I run today.”

Brain Injury Specialism

“Having worked as a volunteer in a hospital and an auxiliary nurse on nights, I trained to become a general nurse in 1987. After consolidating my training I specialised in neuromedicine and neurosurgery. My career from that point on was devoted to brain injured individuals.

“In 1992, I helped set up the Nottingham Traumatic Brain Injury Service (NTBS) within the NHS and spent four and a half years developing acute hospital in-patient rehabilitation and community based programmes specifically for brain injured patients.

“I then worked for a further four years with The Brain injury Rehabilitation Trust (BIRT) as an Outreach Services Manager. Here, I learnt all about neuro-cognitive rehabilitation, presenting expert evidence and writing medico-legal reports.

Founding of AKA Case Management

“From BIRT I partnered with Frenkel Topping to set up Mainstay Life Services. This took me into the world of forensic accountancy and investing money for the long term.”

 “It was at this point that I felt I had enough qualifications, experience and know-how to develop my own practice, and as a result AKA Case Management Ltd was born in 2002 .

“The company has since grown quickly by recruiting a like-minded team. We all work together to support the company philosophy and ethos of putting the meaning back into the lives of individuals who have suffered traumatic injuries, including brain, spinal cord and other associated difficulties. Since 2016, I am now also the Chairperson for the British Association of Brain Injury Case Managers (BABICM), which means that I have a leading hand in co-ordinating progress and driving direction for improving the quality of Brain Injury and Complex Case Management nationwide.

In February 2020 I was delighted to start leading the development of the Institute of Registered Case Managers (IRCM) as its Chair. This organisation will be regulated by the Professional Standards Authority (PSA), which means Case Managers will be required to show how they meet the IRCM standards before they can be registered as a practitioner.”