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Andrew Rose

AKA Director

BABICM – Director, Company Strategy Group (CSG) Chair & Council member

IRCM – Registration Group member


Andrew is director and co-owner of AKA and the nominated individual for the Care Quality Commission. His wealth of clinical and case management experience is complemented by the financial management skills of co-owner and director Dawn Abernethy.

He worked as a university psychology lecturer for eight years before moving into brain injury case management.

He moved to Australia as a Senior Clinical Consultant, where he worked with the most complex clients who exhibited severe behaviours of concern. Alongside this role, he delivered training in areas such as motivational interviewing, acquired brain injuries, positive behaviour support and systemic dialectical behaviour therapy.

On returning to the UK Andrew returned to Case Management joining AKA as Operations Manager in September 2017. Andrew holds a Level 5 Award in Leadership and Management from the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM).

Andrew has been a member of BABICM for eight years and during that time he joined Council, has been a Chair of two working groups, Treasurer, Director, member of the Training and Events Group (TEG), and a year ago was approached to be co-opted as Company Strategy Group (CSG) Chair and Council member. Andrew was re-elected to the CSG chair role in June 2022 and also became a BABICM Director for a second time.

Andrew’s passion for improved professionalism in case management led him to joining the Institute of Registered Case Managers registration group in December 2021.

We asked him a few questions to get to know him a little better:


What 3 items would you take on a desert island (that you could carry)?

  1. I would have to start with a smart speaker so I can listen to 6music and be able to stream any of my eclectic music taste. Based on the fact Thom Yorke was allowed to take a recording studio on desert island discs I will presume this will work
  2. A kindle so that I could read all the books I haven’t found time to read
  3. So sadly I now need to take my glasses so that I could actually read!

I am still able to carry both my children at the same time but I’m not going to put them in the category of items


What can you be found doing at the weekend?

Mainly spending time with my children. So what ever they want to do…going to the park, bike rides, swimming, going for walks and most importantly to them having an ice cream at the Sett Valley café.

I also enjoy cooking.


The final and very important question… Is a Jaffa cake a cake or a biscuit?

It’s neither, it’s an abomination! If anything, it’s a stale cake.