The life and times of our dog, Sammy!

Our dog Sammy is now looking very grown up being much taller with a thicker, feathery tail.

He has had a very busy time this month. In December he helped to host a “Sit, Stay, and Relax” Coffee Morning for his socialisers’ friends, raising £240 for the Dogs for Disabled  funds. He had his own “Doggy” get-together when he went to the Dogs for Disabled Puppy  Christmas Party at Banbury.  He had a wonderful time meeting all the other puppies in training and especially enjoyed seeing his brother, Spice, again.

He continues to experience new surroundings and has been to shopping centres, motorway service areas, coffee bars and outdoor Christmas markets.  Most exciting of all has been the recent snow.  He just loved  running, sliding around and rolling in.