The life and times of our dog, Sammy!

Sammy is now 10 months old and is growing into a strong, handsome dog. 

He was very pleased with the return of the snow and has been coming back from walks still cream coloured, instead of having the usual muddy paws and tummy.

Sammy has now been to the local railway station where he watched the trains come in and passengers get on and off.  He was mostly very calm and only unsettled by the “whoosh” of the express through trains – which made his socialiser and co-ordinator jump too!!  He is becoming quicker to settle in supermarkets and stores with aisles, learning to focus and not be distracted by other people.  However, it takes him a lot longer to settle in indoor shopping centres, so this is going to be a target for the coming month.

Muddy puddle? What muddy puddle?

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