The life and times of our dog, Sammy!

Sammy is coming to the end of his time with his socialisers and will soon be returning to Banbury for his formal training. He has learnt such a lot in his first year and his socialisers are very proud of the progress he has made.

He now sits, lies down, stands, waits and stays on command and has become much calmer when out in shopping centres and supermarkets.  He has travelled on buses and trains and soon settles down for the journey.

He still loves his free runs and is always finding puddles and streams to run in and get dirty. For a while he was very naughty and not coming back when called, but he is now much quicker to respond, especially when there is a choccy drop in our hand!
We send a HUGE thank you to Ingfield Farm Shop ( who raised £302 by selling our kit bags in their farm shop—we are well on our way to getting another dog!
You can still sponsor Sammy and purchase one of our anti-stress or happiness bags.