4-Day Week Pilot, One Year on

In 2022, we participated in the first pilot study run by the 4-Day Week Pilot Research Team. The pilot was extremely successful for us at AKA. So, following positive feedback from the internal staff, clients, and other stakeholders, we decided to make this permanent.

We are very pleased to share this new report we received this week: “Making It Stick: The UK Four-Day Week Pilot One Year On“.

One year on from the results of the world’s biggest ever four-day working week pilot, which took place in the UK in 2022, companies that took part have reported significant and lasting success.

The report offers new insight into the effects of a four-day week on workers over the longer term and the strategies organisations use to fit shorter working hours to their particular circumstances.

We are pleased that we took part in this study and hope that the report gives insights to other organisations that may have been considering implementing a 4-day week approach for their teams.