Helen Mardon

Clinical Case Manager

Helen Mardon, Consultant Case Manager for the West Midlands

Helen joined AKA in February 2013 after having worked as a clinical specialist Occupational Therapist (OT), leading an NHS neuro-rehab team, Helen is highly experienced in working with individuals with complex neurological conditions, providing assessment and treatment in their homes or community. Alongside her NHS role, Helen has practised as an independent OT for the last six years, working with individuals who have sustained a traumatic brain injury or spinal cord injury by providing specialist assessment and treatment programmes.

Whilst her job keeps her busy, Helen always finds time to keep active, by going to the gym, walking her dog or doing some Pilates… though don’t be fooled, her active lifestyle is balanced with a bit of gardening (surely not the hard stuff?) travelling to new places and partaking of a few glasses of well-deserved wine with friends. Learning French has been an ongoing mêlée that may well be going astray…!

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